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The theoretical basis of power cable insulation
What is discharge?

Between two conductors with a potential difference, when the performance of the insulating material decreases, electron energy transfer occurs between the two conductors. For example, the ignition between the high-voltage live wire and the ground wire is discharge, and the complete discharge is the instant of discharge. A complete arc channel is formed between the electrodes.
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Five classification of cables
Five Classification of Cables
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When to use medium-voltage cables
Medium voltage cables, such as these from TANO Cable, are often used in mobile substations or for power distribution.

Three ranges of voltages are available for cables today. Low-voltage designs—often those used in industrial settings—are rated to 2kV or lower. Medium voltage designs range from 2kV to 35kV and high-voltage cables are those rated above 35kV.
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Advantage of multi-core overhead insulated cable
Overhead insulated cables are mainly used for the construction and transformation of urban distribution networks. They are cables that use insulated wires instead of bare wires. Not only can it overcome many shortcomings and operational problems of overhead bare wires, but also the price is relatively cheap. Next, the editor of Jinhaotai talks about the advantages and disadvantages of using overhead insulated cables
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Why aluminum core wires are more easy to catch fire
In power cords, copper conductor power cords often use conductor materials because of their low resistance and are suitable for major projects. At the same time, aluminum conductors are used relatively more frequently in engineering wiring, but they are only suitable for general projects. . The resistance of aluminum core wire is greater than that of copper core wire. When power is applied, if the power cord is overheated, aluminum, which has a lower melting point than copper conductors, is more likely to melt, and it is easy to short-circuit the wire and cause a fire.
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Supply AAAC conductors to Chile
We TANO CABLE has big advantages on AAAC codnuctors, we have a new shipment of AAAC conductors to Chile
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