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The lag of cable materials makes green environmental protection just a concept

"The lag of cable materials means that green and environmentally friendly cables are still just a concept in our country." At the forum on the afternoon of the 9th of the 2013 Global Wire and Cable Annual Conference, Yang Liming, deputy chief engineer of the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, said.

     Yang Liming pointed out that in Europe and the United States, current green and environmentally friendly cables are not concepts, but real products. But in China, this product has been talked about for at least 6 or 7 years, but at present, I feel that it is just a concept, there are not many real users, and the market sales are very small.

     He said that to produce green and environmentally friendly cables, cable raw materials must be involved. The entire cable product, from its design, material selection, manufacturing, packaging, distribution to users, to user installation and use, until the end of its life and recycling, the entire process must be coordinated with humans and the natural environment, and do not cause harm. Judging from this standard, many cable products we use now cannot meet it.

     For example, the polyvinyl chloride material we commonly use now will produce a large amount of hydrogen chloride when burned. When hydrogen chloride encounters moisture or water vapor, it turns into hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid will cause great harm to the environment and people themselves. If hydrogen chloride is inhaled by people during a fire, it will cause great damage to the human respiratory system.

     In addition, during the cable manufacturing process, it is also required to be environmentally friendly, that is, it is not harmful to the health of workers. Many cable factories are now using materials that may be harmful to the human body. For example, when asphalt burns, it emits smoke and has a strong smell.

     For another example, the conductive carbon black we use now has very fine powder. When inhaled into the human lungs, it may produce a typical PM2.5 effect. It can be said that many factories are using these materials now.

     He said that currently, many cable materials must be replaced with other new materials. In China, the research and development of green and environmentally friendly materials is relatively lagging behind. In the future, a lot of development will be needed to meet the future demand for green and environmentally friendly cable products.
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