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Why is PVC used for cable insulation?01
Why is PVC used for cable insulation?
Polyvinyl chloride is what PVC in the PVC cable refers to. Generally, any wire with a polyvinyl Chloride insulation or jacket is known as PVC cable. These cables are popular due to their excellent chemical, heat, water and resistance, and they are extremely flexible and strong. There are, however, a number of additional reasons why you, as a homeowner,should consider purchasing insulated PVC cable.
The reasons of rubber sticking and copper wire blackening in rubber cable
Some manufacturers use ordinary copper in the production of rubber cables, because copper itself is not oxygen-free copper, and the surface of the copper wire is inevitably oxidized during the processing. Due to the processing of the copper rod, especially the mastery of the toughening process and the poor storage conditions of the processed copper wire core, the copper wire core itself has been slightly oxidized, which is one of the reasons for the blackening of the copper wire.
the 135th Canton Fair01
HENAN TANO CABLE CO., LTD. Will participate in the 135th Canton Fair
HENAN TANO CABLE CO., LTD. Will participate in the 135th Canton Fair
How to prevent cable insulation breakdown01
How to prevent cable insulation breakdown
For businesses that use a lot of electricity, it is important to use cables to be able to meet the normal demands, as they usually have a strong ability to ener
What are the application ranges of cables? Very detailed
Cable is an important electrical device used to transmit power or signal. It plays a vital role in our life and in various field. Today Henan Tano Cable ( will introduce some common use of cables.
Supply CAAI CABLE to Peru
Peru is one of our main market in South America, we also supply AAAC conductor, Aluminum Concentric Cables to Peru.
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