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The whole process control method of cable copper conductor anti-oxidation
The atomic number of copper is 29, which belongs to transition metal, the density is 8.92g/cm3, the melting point is 1083.4℃, and it has good thermal and electrical conductivity. However, the surface of metal copper chemically reacts with oxygen in humid air to form Cu2(OH) 2CO3, or patina, usually shows that the surface of copper oxide is black in cable manufacturing plants. It is the existence of this phenomenon of surface oxidation of copper conductors that plagues many cable companies.
Learn How Electrical Cable is Made
What are cable wires made of? Since electrical wires help current flow efficiently, they need to be made of highly conductive material and insulated properly.
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China To Strike Harder Against Regions That Fail To Curb Energy Use
Perhaps you have noticed that the recent “dual control of energy consumption” policy of the Chinese government has had a certain impact on the production capacity of some manufacturing companies, and the delivery of orders in some industries has to be delayed.
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Structure Composition Of Wire And Cable
The structural components of wire and cable products can generally be divided into four main structural components of wire, insulation layer, shielding and protective layer, as well as filling components and tensile components. According to the requirements and applications of the product, some products have a very simple structure, with only one structure of wires, such as overhead bare wires, catenary wires, copper-aluminum busbars (bus bars), etc.; the external electrical insulation of these products depends on installation and laying Use insulators and space distance (that is, use air insulation) to ensure.
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Supply Blue Color Power Cables To Yemen
We TANO CABLE are professional power cable manufacturer in China, we have a new shipment of Blue Power Cables to Yemen
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The Applications And Features Of The NFC 33209 Aerial Bundled Cable
The ABC, known as the NFC 33209 aerial bundled cable is manufactured and designed for fixed installations for overhead-power lines with a maximum of 1000V incl. These cables are also used to supply 120/220V aerial services for term services on construction sites, in the form of a service-drop which involves power-pole to a service-entrance, in the form of a secondary-cable which involves pole-to-pole, or for street lighting requirements. For services that reach a maximum of 1000V or lower, the cables are able to handle a maximum conductor-temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. 
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