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Affected by Chile's border closure, copper prices will continue to rise in the near future!
In response to the rapid increase in the number of cases caused by the new crown virus, the Chilean government decided to close the border from April 5 to May 1. International transportation is only allowed for emergency, humanitarian reasons or medical purposes.
Characteristics of wire and cable production process
Main process of wire and cable:
Wire and cable are made by drawing, twisting and wrapping. The more complex the model and specification, the higher the repeatability.
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Development status of China in 2021 wire and cable industry
As the main carrier of power transmission, wires and cables are widely used in electrical equipment, lighting circuits, household appliances, etc., provide important supporting support for various industries and major construction projects, and are the basic guarantee for the normal operation of modern economy and society. With the rapid development of China’s economy and the construction of a large number of infrastructure facilities, wire and cable is one of the major industries in the construction of the national economy. Investment opportunities have attracted great attention from the industry. The market scale has been rapidly expanded. From 2004 to 2010, the year of China’s wire and cable market The compound growth rate used to exceed 20%. At present, China has become the world's largest wire and cable manufacturer with a scale of nearly 10,000 enterprises. The industry's overcapacity exceeds 50%, and the cable production capacity can even meet nearly 80% of the global market.
Supply Bare Conductors and Cables To Paraguay
We TANO CABLE are professional cable and wire manufacturer in China.
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What Is a Safe Distance From High Tension Electrical Wires?
The minimum safe distance from high-tension electrical wires varies if your concern is for your general health. For people working near electrical wires, at least one utility company advises keeping all equipment under 14 feet tall when near power lines.
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Service Drop Cable
Aluminum duplex service drop cable is used to supply 120 voltage overhead service for temporary service at construction, outdoor lighting and street lighting.
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