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Supply AAC AAAC conductors to paraguay
We TANO CABLE are professional power cable manufacturer in China, we have a new shipment of AAC AAAC conductors to Paraguay
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Understanding stranded and armored cables
Many people are curious about the role of twisted and armored cables compared to ordinary cables? Let me tell you today and help you understand stranded and armored cables.
new cable & wire
Saving on wires & cables? Choose cost effective over cheap!
What is the truth behind cheap and cost-effective wires and cables? Any supplier or hardware store clerk can say that they are all the same. With cheap alternatives in the market, it is understandable that end-users will just save a few money and buy these, without being properly informed of the essential details that everyone needs to know.
new cable & wire
Third party inspection by Bureau Veritas to our factory
Last week, a project owner send BV inspector to come our factory to inspect conductors including ACSR 70/11, ACSR 50/8 and ACSR7/2.5-35.
new cable
The whole process control method of cable copper conductor anti-oxidation
The atomic number of copper is 29, which belongs to transition metal, the density is 8.92g/cm3, the melting point is 1083.4℃, and it has good thermal and electrical conductivity. However, the surface of metal copper chemically reacts with oxygen in humid air to form Cu2(OH) 2CO3, or patina, usually shows that the surface of copper oxide is black in cable manufacturing plants. It is the existence of this phenomenon of surface oxidation of copper conductors that plagues many cable companies.
Learn how electrical cable is made
What are cable wires made of? Since electrical wires help current flow efficiently, they need to be made of highly conductive material and insulated properly.
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