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China's first hybrid line with 110 kV polypropylene insulated cable put into operation in Shenzhen

Recently, China's first hybrid line consisting of 110 kV polypropylene insulated cables connected to overhead lines was successfully put into operation in Futian, Shenzhen, and operated safely for more than 192 hours, further enriching the application scenarios of domestic green cables and promoting their future applications to A solid foundation has been laid for the construction of large-scale urban agglomerations and the integration of offshore wind power into the grid.

It is reported that cross-linked polyethylene is widely used as insulation material for high-voltage cables in my country. Its production cycle is long and energy consumption is large. In contrast, high-voltage cables made of "green" polypropylene materials have the characteristics of low production energy consumption, recyclability, high operating temperature and increased cable transmission capacity. They have attracted widespread attention in the power industry in recent years. Compared with cross-linked polyethylene insulated cables of the same specification and voltage level, the carbon footprint during the entire production process of this cable has been reduced by approximately 4.6 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, the cable insulation production cycle has been shortened by 80%, and the production energy consumption has been reduced by more than 40%. Cable manufacturing efficiency has been greatly improved.

It is understood that the cable lines put into operation this time mainly use cable trenches, buried pipes and other laying methods, and are connected to overhead lines through outdoor terminals. The working conditions in cable trenches are complex and changeable, and they directly face environmental tests such as high temperature, rain infiltration, and soil erosion. Compared with cable tunnels, the laying of cable trenches is more in line with the current real operating environment of urban high-voltage cables. It is very important for polypropylene insulated cables. Insulation performance puts forward higher requirements. In order to ensure the compatibility of polypropylene insulated cables and outdoor terminal accessories, the Transmission Management Office of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau") has formed a set of fast and reliable cable accessories based on the thermoplastic structural characteristics of the material. Construction process operation flow.

In addition, in order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of cable lines, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has integrated digital intelligent equipment such as circulation monitoring, fault location, video surveillance and infrared temperature measurement on this line, and developed a line information integration analysis system to analyze the operating status of cable lines. Conduct real-time monitoring and evaluation. The 110 kV polypropylene insulated cable and overhead line hybrid line was successfully put into operation and operated safely for more than 192 hours, providing important data support for the safe operation of this type of cable in complex external environments in the future.
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