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How to prevent cable insulation breakdown

For businesses that use a lot of electricity, it is important to use cables to be able to meet the normal demands, as they usually have a strong ability to energize. Cables are often touched by people, so the enterprise should always pay attention to the leakage of electricity as well as the danger of electric shock. Therefore, the insulation of the cable is very important, only with good insulation can make the cable can be used normally.

Ⅰ the cable insulation breakdown of several situations

(1)Mechanical Damage
In the cable insulation breakdown accident, mechanical damage accounted for the largest proportion, the common causes are:
①Directly affected by external forces and damage, such as heavy objects falling from a high place to smash the cable, digging accidentally injured cable;
②laying the cable bending too big ambassador insulation injury, the cable was severely extruded during shipment so that the insulation and the protective layer is damaged; 
③direct buried cable due to ground subsidence and withstand excessive tension, resulting in insulation damage, and in severe cases will even pull off the cable.

(2)Failure of the cable head
Terminal heads and intermediate joints are the weak links in cable lines, where insulation breakdown occurs as a result of cable head failures due to poor construction or the use of poor quality materials.

(3)Dampness of insulation
The main causes of moisture in cable insulation are:
①due to poor construction of the cable head, moisture intrusion into the cable interior; 
②moisture intrusion due to damage to the cable inner sheath, such as the inner sheath is directly affected by mechanical damage; lead cable laying in the vicinity of the vibration source, due to long-term vibration and fatigue cracking; the cable outer skin by chemical corrosion and holes; due to poor manufacturing, the lead packet with small holes or cracks.

Insulation breakdown due to atmospheric over-voltage or internal over-voltage, especially internal over-voltage in the system often results in multiple cables being destroyed at the same time.

(5)Insulation aging
In the long-term operation of the cable towel, due to poor heat dissipation or overload, resulting in the deterioration of both the electrical and mechanical properties of the insulation material, as a result, the insulation becomes brittle and fracture.

Ⅱ How to prevent cable insulation breakdown

(1)Prevention of mechanical damage
Overhead cables, especially along the wall of the cable, to be covered. The plant to move the Shi project, to handle by the power department granted by the earth moving certificate; cable lines outside the plant, to strengthen the patrol inspection, and timely stop the cable lines in the vicinity of the digging, take the overhead transmission lines and electric seam line soil behavior.

(2)Improve the construction quality of cable heads
As air bubbles and moisture have a great impact on the compressive strength of the cable head insulation, so in the production and installation process of the cable head, the insulation wrapping should be tight, and there should be no gaps; epoxy resin and quartz powder are strictly dried before use. As the electric field distribution near the terminal head is very uneven, the electric field strength at the edge of the lead jacket is the largest, so the insulation of the place should be strengthened.

(3)Strictly prevent insulation moisture
Cable lines in the factory, due to corrosion of the electric lead package and lead to insulation moisture breakdown accidents occur from time to time, so it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the electric outer sheath, every 2 to 3 years should be coated with asphalt on the outer sheath.

After a brief introduction to the above, we should have a more profound understanding of the cable insulation, while using the cable in daily life should pay attention to the process of not occurring leakage as well as electrocution, once the consequences are very serious, so in the process of handling the cable to prevent mechanical damage, to prevent the surface of the scratch, leakage occurs. Cables have different specifications, according to the use of different should choose the voltage than the original need for a larger voltage cable, so as to better meet the use. I hope that the above content will help you.
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