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What are the application ranges of cables? Very detailed

Cable is an important electrical device used to transmit power or signal. It plays a vital role in our life and in various field. Today Henan Tano Cable ( will introduce some common use of cables.

1. Power transmission: Cables are widely used to transmit electricity from power plants to city, industrial area and residential area. They carry high voltage and current, delivering power to a variety of facilities such as home, commercial building, factory, and public facilities.

2. Power distribution: Cables play an important role in power distribution systems by transmitting power from transmission lines to different power substation and switchboard. The reliability and efficiency of cable transmission of power make power distribution more flexible and controllable.

3. Construction and building inner: Cables are used in power supply, lighting system and communication systems in building. Cable transmit electricity and signal through hidden spaces in wall, floor, and ceiling to various device and facilities, such as switch, socket, lighting fixture, elevator, and security systems.

4. Communication and data transmission: Cable is one of the main electrical accessories for modern communication and data transmission. Fiber optic cables are widely used to transmit high-speed data, telephone signal, Internet connection, and television signal. Copper and coaxial cable are used to carry transmission media such as telephone signal, cable television, and computer network.

5. Transportation: Cables also play an important role in the field of transportation. For example, cables are used in power supply system for subway, train and tram, as well as for power transmission in electric car and ship.

6. Industrial application: In the industrial field, cables are widely used in factory automation, process control and instrumentation. They are used to connect motors, sensors, frequency converters and other equipment to achieve power transmission and signal control.
In short, cables are one of the important power and communication infrastructures in modern society. The reliability, efficiency and safety of cables are crucial to our daily lives and the development of various industry.
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