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Cable Guide: Aerial bundled cable

1How to Select aerial bundled cable?
2what is aerial bundled cable
3Aerial bundled cable phase identification
4Construction of aerial bundled cable
5Aerial bundled cable price list
6Type of aerial bundled cable
7Advantages and application fields of Aerial bundled cable

1How to select Aerial bundled cable?

First, to buy Aerial bundled cable, you must recognize the regular brand, meet the relevant standards, and choose products with quality certification (such as CCC certification) and factory certificate of conformity. Must go to the regular store or supplier agent to buy wire and cable products.

Second, the wire material is divided into copper and aluminum, aluminum wire is easy to oxidation and corrosion. The joint part is easy to catch fire, the incidence of fire is dozens of times the copper wire, so the state named the use of copper conductors in new homes. High-quality copper wire, it’s a copper core selection of high purity of positive red-purple copper, bright surface, slightly soft, poor quality core easy to oxidation, the surface dark.

In addition third, the quality of insulation, poor quality wire using insulation materials are recycled plastic, dark color, loose texture, uneven thickness, poor insulation capacity, ignition with a lighter is easy to aging or breakdown voltage. Qualified insulation material is bright, uniform thickness, ignition does not catch fire, etc.

4 wire aerial bundled cable

2what is Aerial bundled cable

ABC Cable, also known as Aerial Bundled Cable, is a type of electrical cable used to distribute power at a voltage level of up to 1000V. This cable consists of numerous insulated conductors, bundled and wrapped together tightly. The main function of Aerial bundled cable is to transfer electrical power from the substation to the end-user. The use of insulation is the main difference between ABC cables and bare conventional transmission cables. it is an essential component in the power distribution process, ensuring that electricity is delivered safely and efficiently to its intended recipients.

Aerial bundled cable can be used to replace bare conductor cables in overhead distribution lines. It is ideal for use in urban areas with congested power distribution and narrow lanes. We can provide you the best aerial bundled cable.

These cables are typically suspended overhead using electrical poles, allowing for easy access to power distribution in a wide range of settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

3Aerial bundled cable phase identification

The conductors used for all the cores are of stranded hard drawn aluminium which are compacted, and are available in sizes ranging from 25, 35, 50, 70, 95 or 150 mm2.

Aerial bundled cable is composed of several insulated conductors bundled together. The insulated conductors must be readily identifiable, and there is a special need to distinguish between the phase and neutral conductors. The phase conductors are identified by prominent longitudinal ribs on the core insulation, one, two or three ribs to distinguish between the three phases.

4Construction of aerial bundled cable

Aerial bundled cable is made up of phase conductor and neutral conductor and insulation. The conductors are typically made of aluminum. The insulation is made of PVC or XLPE and is designed to withstand voltage, temperature, and environmental conditions. The bundle of conductors is suspended from poles or towers using messengers and clamps. Construction can be divided into three parts:

     1Phase conductor
          Phase conductor made of stranded aluminum are circular, round and smooth surface.

     2Neutral conductor(messenger conductor)
          Bare, round, stranded aluminum alloy wires

          Phase conductor of ABC cable are insulated by PVC, PE, XLPE black color.

Supplementary Note size of aerial bundled cable
     Size are measured by square (mm2). The following are some aerial bundled cable size that reference standard NF C 33-209.
     2x16 mm2
     2x25 mm2
     4x16 mm2
     4x25 mm2
     3x25+54.6 mm2
Here is a diagram of the structure.
4 wire aerial bundled cable
5Aerial bundled cable price list

A price list for AB Cable can vary depending on several factors such as:
     Cable Type: Different types of cables have different characteristics and are used in different applications. Examples of cable types include XLPE insulated, PVC insulated, Copper conductor, Aluminum conductor, etc.

     Number of cores: The number of conductors in the cable, usually measured in number of cores.

     Conductor size: The size of the conductor, usually measured in square millimeters (mm²).

     Approximate Diameter: The approximate diameter of the cable.

     Approximate Weight : The approximate weight of the cable per meter.

     Brand: The brand of the cable can also affect the price. Some brands may be more expensive than others.

     Quantity: The price of the cable may also vary based on the quantity purchased.

     Taxes and duties: The price of the cable may also be affected by taxes and duties.

It's difficult to provide a comprehensive price list for low voltage Aerial bundled cable as it can vary depending on the above factors and also the market condition. Prices can fluctuate over time and may change based on various factors such as demand and supply, raw material prices, etc. It's recommended to check with us (we are cable & wire manufacturer and exporter) for specific information and to ensure that the cable meets the requirements of the particular application. We will provide you the best aerial bundled cable price within 24 hours after receiving your inquiry.

6Type of Aerial bundled cable

Classified by voltage
     LV aerial bundled cable
     For example
     0.6/1 kv abc aerial bundled cable-NFC 33 209 (AL/XLPE)
     0.6/1kv abc aerial bundled cable-BS 7870-5(AL/XLPE)
     0.6/1kv abc aerial bundled cable-GB/T 12527(AL/XLPE)
     0.6/1kv abc aerial bundled cable-AS NZS 3560.1(AL/XLPE)
     In American and Philippines also named service drop cable, include three types duplex service drop cable, triplex service drop cable, quadruplex service drop cable.

     MV aerial bundled cable
     For example:
     33kv aerial bundled cable
     6.35/11kv non screened abc cable(AL/XLPE/HDPE)
     8.7/15kv non screened abc cable(AL/XLPE/HDPE)

Classified by construction
     AB cable with insulated messenger conductor
     AB cable with insulated messenger conductor Include two types:
          Type 1Three phase 4 wire, three phase conductor insulated and 1 messenger conductor insulated.
          Type 2Single phase 2 wire, 1 phase conductor insulated and 1 messenger conductor insulated.
     AB cable with bare messenger conductor
     AB cable with insulated messenger conductor & with insulated street light
     AB cable with bare messenger conductor & with insulated street light

7Advantages and application fields of Aerial bundled cable

     In low voltage networks 0.6/1Kv.
     These cable can be used on wooden, concrete and iron poles.
Advantages of ABC cable
     Aerial Bundled Cables reduce electrical faults.
     These cables are lighter and more economical.
     Installation low costs, replacing bare conductors in overhead distribution lines.
     Maintenance low costs.
     Operation low costs.
     Higher safety and reliability.


Aerial bundled cable is a cable widely used in distribution overhead lines. It has the advantages of good mechanical properties, UV resistant, insulation and heat resistance, it can meet the needs of different application fields. safe and reliable.
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