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Australia-Singapore submarine cable system completes cable laying

A few days ago, the Volkswagen Group issued a notice saying that with the final connection in southeastern Singapore completed, the new submarine cable system connecting Australia and Singapore (ASC) has completed the cable laying.

Australia-Singapore submarine cable system completes cable laying.
The submarine network with four pairs of fiber optic sets provides at least 40 Tbps of capacity, and the delay from Sydney to Singapore can be reduced by approximately 30% compared to existing routes.

Alcatel Underwater's cable laying vessel Ile de Re is one of two cable vessels engaged in submarine cable laying.

Kevin Russell, Managing Director and CEO of the Volkswagen Group, said: "We are very grateful to the Alcatel Underwater Network for its great work and look forward to continued cooperation in the recently announced Coral Sea Cable System."

As the cable laying phase is completed on time and without any delay, the project team is now entering the system full configuration mode, installing, configuring, and testing electrical and technical systems.
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