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Egypt's largest cable enterprises won the bid nearly 3.5 billion transmission line orders

Egypt's largest cable company Elsewedy Electric and state contractor NCC have received orders for three transmission lines in the Egyptian region, with a total value of EGP 4.187 billion, according to the Egyptian Ministry of Electric Power.

Elsewedy Electric is responsible for a 180-kilometer transmission line in Akhmim and a 176-kilometer transmission link connecting Akhmim to East Qena. The NCC is responsible for a transmission line connecting East Qena and Naga Hammadi, which is about 70 kilometers long.
It is reported that the three transmission line project financing by domestic and foreign investment together, accounting for 60% and 40%.
Egyptian transmission company EETC Chairman Gamal Abdel Rahim said that according to the plan, these three transmission lines will be completed by the end of June put into operation, to further expand the capacity of the domestic transmission system.
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