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Customer from Yemen Visited the Factory on January 8th, 2018

On January 8th , 2018, Customer from Yemen visited the manufacture for cooperation of ACSR and ABC products. The customer is the representative of a distributor in Yemen. The distributor imports many containers Aluminum products from China. Especially, the AAC, ACSR, ABC products.

Before the visiting, TANO CABLE has provided the quotation to them. They were satisfied with the price very much. To learn more about the company, they asked for the company’s information, certificates as well as the supply records. Though they have confirmed the company information, they wanted to make sure whether TANO CABLE is a manufacturer or not.
In the visiting, he took many video to customers in Yemen and showed him our production line. They satisfied with the factory very much. We talked about the future cooperation after finishing the visit and signed a long-term business. To introduce him the culture near the factory, we took him to show around. 

Customers from everywhere are welcomed by us. Any demand can visit for more information. TANO CABLE welcomes your inquiry.
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