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Cable guide armored cable

1What is the armored cable?
Armored cable is a cable with a metal armored protective layer. The purpose of armored layer is not only to increase mechanical protection and extend the service life of tensile and compressive resistance, but also to improve the anti-interference performance of the cable through shielding protection.

Cable guide armored cable

Armored cable usually has some armor layer under the outer sheath to protect the structural integrity and electrical performance of the cable and increase the service life. There are usually two types of armor, steel belt armor and steel wire armor.

In order to bear the radial pressure of the cable, double steel belt gap winding process is used, which is called steel belt armored cable. After the cable is formed, the steel belt is wrapped around the cable core and the outer sheath is extruded.

This kind of armored cable is generally used in places where the load pressure is high. For example, crossing highways, squares, roads, railroads, etc. It is also used in places with high vibration, and is suitable for laying underground, tunnels and pipelines.

In order to withstand large axial tension, multiple low carbon steel wire winding process is used, which is called steel wire armored cable. After the cable is formed, the wire is wrapped around the core at the necessary spacing and then extruded. This cable is generally used where the span and clearance are relatively large.

3When you need it
The armored protective layer can be added to any type of cable to increase mechanical strength and improve corrosion resistance. It is a special cable designed for areas that are susceptible to mechanical damage and corrosion. It can be laid in any way, and is more suitable for direct laying in rocky areas.

The purpose of installing armor layer for transmission cable is to increase mechanical protection such as tensile strength, compressive strength and prolong service life, and the armor device must have the necessary resistance to external forces. It also prevents rat bites from causing power transmission problems through the armor. The bending radius of the armor is large and the armor layer can be grounded to protect the cable.
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