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The validity period of household wires

The validity period of household wires

According to experienced electricians, the average household electrical wire can be used for 10 years under normal conditions.

The wire is mainly protected by the outer insulating skin. The insulating skin is mostly made of plastic and rubber. After a long time, it is easy to corrode and age. On the one hand, the insulating skin will become hard, brittle or even fall off.

In fact, the lifespan of wires is uncertain, just like the long or short lifespan of people, which mainly depends on the quality of the wires, the thickness of the wires, the installation environment, and the use environment. For example, the copper core wire is stronger than the aluminum core wire, it is not easy to break, and the natural life is longer; the wire installed in the PVC pipe will also live longer than the wire running naked inside and outside the wall. So, if the quality is good and the environment is good, the wire can live longer~

On the contrary, if a lot of high-power electrical appliances are added to the home, the wires will be overloaded for a long time, and the aging will be accelerated, and the life of the wires will be greatly shortened.

Expired wires bring high electricity bills, fires, and electric shocks

Some friends think that my electrical wires have been used for ten or twenty years... and they are all good. Could this be another idea from the merchants for "promotion"? After all, wires that are past their expiration date are not as intuitively stinky, rancid, and wormable as food.

The use of expired wires is really harmful—

01 Waste a lot of money

Excessive use of household wires may lead to poor contact, increased resistance, and leakage. At this time, it is not only the conduction time that is increased, and it is not just electricity that is leaked, but the wasted money! Moreover, this kind of leakage is generally not easy to find, and it is very possible to leak hundreds of thousands of kilowatts of electricity.

02 May catch fire

Because household wires are often installed inside walls and under floors, they can easily become invisible hidden dangers. After the household wire expires, it is easy to catch fire due to aging and thinning of the insulation.

Especially in wet weather, although the appearance of the wire is complete, the insulation has been reduced, and it is easy to cause a short circuit and cause a fire.

03 Risk of electric shock

The aging of the wire leads to damaged and exposed insulation. Once people touch the wire, there is a danger of electric shock.

What to do with expired wires?

1. Although copper core wires are generally used in the decoration of new houses now, which can meet the needs of high-power electrical appliances used in summer and winter, it is best to choose high-quality household wire products and leave a proper power margin. In addition, if possible, it is best to check or replace the wires every 10 years or so.

2.After all, If you want to replace the wire, please contact a professional electrician.

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