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Customer from Gambia visited the Factory

Customer from Gambia visited the Factory On Monday, 2ndJuly, 2018,

The customer from Gambia visited the factory for the ABC products.Before visiting,TANO CABLE has sent samples for him to checking. The customer was sastifiedwith the cable quality very much. However, he doubt whether TANO CABLE has its factory or not. To reassure him, we be the manufacturer. We invited him to visit us and to see our production lines. Because, only when you see the, you will believe.

TANO CABLE, as a professional cable and wire manufacturer,welcome customers from all over the world to visit the factory. At the factory,we introduced the customer production lines and told him how to tell from the quality.The products produced by TANO CABLE, all are used original material to guaranteethe good quality.During the visit,the customer said TANO CABLE do have a big factory.

He is very happy tocooprate with us. After that, both partied signed the contract in the office.
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