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2020 US demand for fiber optic cable market will exceed $ 2.2 billion

International market research firm Research and Markets released the US fiber optic cable market research report recently; the US market demand for fiber optic cable will exceed $ 2.2 billion by 2020.

The report show that in the past few years, fiber optic cable production in the United States there was a substantial fluctuations, but with the continued growth of the downstream industry demand for fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable for the US market demand constantly rising. By 2015, the nation's fiber optic cable market reached $1.929 billion.
It reports that by 2020, the nation's fiber optic cable demand will reach $2.24 billion, during the annual average growth rate of about 3%.

By 2015, total shipments of US fiber optic cable will be close to $ 2.2 billion, compared with the previous year, an increase of $ 69 million, of which about 49% are exported to overseas markets. According to statistics, 2008-2015, exports accounted for US shipments of fiber optic cable to increase the proportion of 18% by 2020, this proportion will continue to rise.
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