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Coal-fired power station in worldwide reduce by 14% in 2016

Against the use of coal, non-governmental organizations (NGO) Call swarm survey report shows that the number of coal-fired power stations under construction in the world this year reduced by 14%; coal overcapacity, China to promote clean energy,China reduced the number of coal-fired power stations; this year six months, India proposed controlling coal-fired power station construction policy.

Earlier this year, global production capacity of building programs in the coal-fired power station is 1090 GW, reduced to 932 GWh in July this year. EU power capacity of coal-fired power station is 162 GW.
The Philippines and Indonesia also control the construction plan of the coal fired power stations. While Egypt, Morocco and other places increased.
Call swarm president said, control the construction of coal-fired power stations, mainly on account of climate and health impacts on the environment, as well as around the coal economy in decline.
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