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How to deal with the power crisis of Venezuela?

During the dry season now, it also is the peak electricity demand of Venezuela, combined with it is facing with the serious energy crisis, Venezuela power shortage phenomenon is very serious. After April 6, Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Madura announced that starting from the 8th of this month to June 6, public sector employees to rest 3 days a week to save electricity, he called on the country's women stop using the hair dryer this week, according to the natural dry hair looks better. He also suggested that the national should make full use of the hot weather, do not use dryer, should let the clothes to dry naturally.

At present, Venezuela is suffering severe power shortage, Madura requires government departments and state-owned enterprises save electricity, reduce at least 20% power consumption. However, the energy saving measures at this stage does not include raise electric charge or power brownouts. Madura said: "I believe we can overcome the current situation, don't need to raise electric charge or power brownouts.

While acknowledging country is facing an energy crisis, but Madura in television speech stressed that this is not the government, but the result of the weather. He believes that the current electricity crisis is caused by EI Niño phenomenon which resulted in the drought. 60%-70% power supply of Venezuela is from hydroelectric, while severe drought this year, the reservoir water level is at stake, make originally power shortage problem is more serious. According to reports, the Venezuelan national 18 hydroelectric plant are at the low water level at the present stage, including guri power station which provides power for more than half, its reservoir water level is below the lowest level.

To this, some professional personage points out, to alleviate the power shortage problems of Venezuela, they should strengthen the maintenance of the existing power generation facilities renovation, to development of thermal power at the same time. In addition, there is criticism points out that Venezuela nationalised implementing power since 2007, the country's electricity price is set too low, residential electricity almost free, so people hard to have sense to save electricity power, on the other hand, the state investment in the power industry is limited, not enough to support the industry development.
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