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Zambia's Kasama-Nakonde high-voltage transmission project has an investment of 70 million US dollars

The Zambian government said that Kasama-Nakonde high-voltage transmission line investment demand of up to 70 million US dollars in order to connect Zambia with the East African power system East African Power Pool.

The East African Power Pool was established to promote and secure electricity supply in East Africa at the lowest possible cost.

Zambian Energy Minister Matthew Nkhuwa said that the Kasama-Nakonde high-voltage transmission line is part of the Zambia-Tanzania-Kenya (ZTK) grid interconnection, which is key to promoting electricity trade in the region and promoting the stability of the power system.

In an interview last week, Mr. Nkhuwa said that it is important to promote the interconnection of electricity across the continent to promote market development and stimulate the development and export potential of new power generation projects. Nkhuwa said, “We have completed the construction of the transmission line from Pensulo to Kasama. We are discussing with stakeholders how to implement the Kasama-Nakonde high-voltage transmission line.”
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