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What cause the heating when the cables or wires are operating?

What cause the heating when the cables or wires are operating

1.The resistance of ABC Cable conductor does not meet the requirements, which causes the cable to generate heat during operation.

2. Improper cable selection causes the conductor cross-section of the cable used is too small, and overload occurs during operation. After a long time of use, the heating and heat dissipation imbalance of the cable cause heating phenomenon.

3. The cable is arranged too densely, the ventilation and heat dissipation effect is not good, or the cable is too close to other heat sources, which affects the normal heat dissipation of the cable, and may also cause the heating phenomenon of the cable in operation.

4. The joint manufacturing technology is not good, and the crimping is not tight, which causes the contact resistance at the joint is too large, and the cable will generate heat.

5. The insulation performance of the cable is not good, which causes the insulation resistance is small, and the heating phenomenon will also occur in the operation.

6. The partial sheath of armored cable is damaged, which causes slow damage to the insulation performance after water inflow, which results in the gradual decrease of insulation resistance and also the heating phenomenon in the operation of the cable.

After the cable has a heating phenomenon, if the cause is not found, the cable will continue to be powered on continuously and will cause insulation thermal breakdown. The short circuit between phases of the cable trip phenomenon, serious fire may be caused. It is important to choose the proper products as designed.

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