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ABC cable overview,everything you need to know

What is ABC cable?

ABC cable has another name Aerial Bundled Cable that mainly available for overhead power distribution. The ABC cable provide higher safety and reliability,lower power losses and system economy by reducing installation, maintenance and operating costs. 

The cable are very available for rural and specially available for installation in difficult terrains such as hilly areas,forest areas,coastal areas. In developing urban,aerial bundled cable is also the best choice.

The cable are mainly available for urban distribution networks construction. Not only it can overcome many of the disadvantages and operational problems of bare wire, and also more inexpensive.

The structure of ABC cable

XLPE/HDPE insulation is laying on the periphery of the aluminum conductor.XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) is black, and that is against deterioration caused by exposure to direct sunlight and UV radiation. XLPE is cross-linked low-density polyethylene, that is made thermo set by special formulation from base base polymer of thermoplastic.

Conduction insulation is identify with ridges for phase identification.


Aluminum conductor

XLPE and HDPE insulation of Electricity power conductor 

Follow me to see how many kinds of ABC cable

Low voltage ABC cable

This cable is made of several of insulated conductors, bundled and wrapped together tightly.the rate maximum current is 1000v or lower.aerial bundled cable have an operating temperature range of -40 to +80, and can be installed in temperature as -20.
Our low voltage cable is manufactured in according with range of national standards.standard low voltage overhead bundled cable meet:IEC 61089、BS 7870、DIN 48201、ASTM B399、BS EN50183、NFC33-209.

Medium voltage ABC cable

This higher voltage cable is sheathed with high-density polyethylene(HDPE).we supply medium voltage ABC cable,in voltage of 6.35/11kV、12.7/22kV and 19/33kV .

Duplex cable/triplex service drop cable

This cable carry the load of 120v that for overhead application.for example street lighting.these Duplex cable/triplex service drop cable use XLPE for insulation material.the mainly composition is 1350-H19 aluminum twisted concentrically for conductor material.its neutral core is made up of 6201 aluminum alloy .

ABC cable application environment

Aerial bundled cable can be available of:
. As an alternative to bare conductor rural areas,forest areas and other areas,and narrow streets with limited space.
. As an alternative to bare conductor, the stability of voltage is very important.
. In hilly areas where the installation cost of overhead lines or underground cables becomes very high.
. As a reinforcement to existing systems without adding voltage.
. Used for temporary replenishment.

The advantage of ABC cable

· High security:
Improved reliability in comparison with both bare conductor overhead systems and underground systems. Insulated conductors prevent accidental contact.

· Low maintenance cost:
· Wide coverage:
· To prevent short circuit:
· Affordable price:
·Easily detect failures:
Reduce the maintenance and necessary inspection of the line.

· Easy installation:
Simpler installation, as crossbars and insulators are not required.

Increasing demand for electricity in the emerging and developed countries, backed by increasing investment in infrastructure, is expected to drive the cables market globally. We can provide you the best aerial bundled cable price, you can contact TANO CABLE.
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