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What are the main features of ABC overhead insulated cable

What are the main features of ABC overhead insulated cable
Overhead insulated cables are used for overhead power lines below voltage  0.6/1KV. Including 1-core, 2-core, 3-core, 4-core, Covered line wire, Duplex service drop, Triplex service drop, Quandruplex service drop.

Applicable condition:

. Lay in overhead electric line of rate voltage 600/1000v, it transmit power.

. The laying temperature of the cable is not less than -20 degrees

. The long-term allowable working temperature of the cable conductor is not more than 70 degrees.

Features of ABC overhead insulated cable:

. It is benefit improving and enhancing the safety and reliability of the power distribution system, greatly reducing the risk of personal injury due to electric shock. Insulated wires can prevent phase-to-phase short circuits caused by foreign objects, reduce the number of power outages during pole line operation, reduce maintenance workload, and increase The power supply utilization rate of the line;

. Good insulation performance. Aerial bundled cables have better insulation performance than bare conductors due to an extra layer of insulation, which can reduce the line-to-phase distance, reduce the insulation requirements for line support members, and increase the number of loops erected on the same pole.

. Good anti-corrosion performance. 

. It is convenient for high voltage to penetrate into the load center to improve voltage quality and reduce power loss;

. Prevent external force damage, reduce the influence of external factors such as trees, flying objects, metal films and dust.
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