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How to Repair the Step-Down Transformer Lamp?

You can carry out transformers repairing projects with the help of experts. In this article, we will discuss the repairing of step-down transformer lamp and for this; you will require components of lamp, a soldering iron, power strip and small multi-tool kit.
Check out the black box
One of the things in which design of this lamp lacks is the remote transformer installed inside the plastic box. The transformer is located half way between the power cord ends (that is 6 feet long). It is heavy component that could have been designed by manufacturer in a better way with extra robust packaging.
Once you open the plastic case, you will find-
· Damaged case
· Fractured output connector
· Primary side coil hardwired to AC power cord
· Step down coil with magnetic core

Primary side coil repair and test
· Remove the potting material to access the leads of the primary side coil
Electrical component manufacturers pot their products with non-conductive material. Electric devices have sensitive components within and potting will immobilize these components. This will make the device more robust against mechanical shock and abrasion.
· Reconnecting the primary winding
· Apply power to the transformer and check operation
When you reattach the power cord to the leads of primary winding, the miswire will create a problem when power is applied. When you apply the power, you will notice a loud pop that correspond to a white smoke puff coming from the small mystery component.

Repair the output connector
After inspecting the transformer, you found damaged output connector. How to fix it? Case the output connector appeared to be alright. Electrical contacts from the transformer float free within the case if the connector is fractured. This will stop transformer to work properly and exposed contacts can result in short circuit or harm someone.
Reassemble the transformer case and then plugging the thing into the circuit and switch it on. If the lamp is lit and no smoke is emitted, your transformer is fixed.
If you cannot do this alone, you can approach professionals for help. There are services vendors offering transformers repairing solutions at affordable prices. Call them and get your bookings done so that you don’t have to wait for longer.
If you have something to say about this article or subject, you can share your thoughts in comments. Talk to other users and share your experience with servicing center and suggest them where they can make visit.
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