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Final demand case for the Scottish Western Islands Submarine Cable Project

The Scottish and Southern Power Network (SSEN) has submitted a “final demand” case for submarine cables. Submarine cables connect renewable energy generation in the Western Isles to the grid.

The submarine cable will provide approximately 600 megawatts of new capacity and can be laid by 2023 if approved by Ofgem (UK Power and Natural Gas Office). SSEN conducted a “comprehensive analysis” of Ofgem's investment options, which can be used to meet “a series of credible future development scenarios” in the western islands.

However, the project relies on large wind power projects in two plans. The wind power project will receive subsidies from the UK government's next year's CFD auction. Dave Gardner, Director of Transmission at SSEN, said: “We believe that submarine cable recommendations represent a strong economic case that can provide the best opportunity to strengthen the renewable potential of the western islands. There are still many obstacles to overcome, especially A sufficient amount of renewable energy generation capacity ensures that CFD auction contracts can support investment cases."
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