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Latin America will want more low voltage cable in 2022

According to the latest report released by the Grand View Research, a US research institution, in 2022, the market size of low voltage cable in Latin America is expected to reach 10.54 billion dollar, of which the compound annual rate may be 8% during the period.
Over the past ten years, the process of industrialization in Latin America has been rapidly developed, greatly promoted the growth of Latin America's power demand. For this reason, the regional cable demand continued to improve. Among them, the construction and distribution are the two major applications of the low voltage cable market. Due to the sustained development of infrastructure, this trend is expected to continue until 2022 at least. In addition, as the epitome of Latin American development, Brazil has the largest demand for low voltage cable in Latin America, accounting for 40% of the total regional market. 
It is worth noting that, in order to ensure public safety, strong, anti-interference and environmental protection type of low-voltage cables will become the main demand in Latin America. So, this is a very potential market, but the enterprise with interest should get prepared well.
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