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Bangladesh wants Chinese loans for the power generation targets

Bangladesh hopes to find a 13 billion dollar loans from China to achieve the 24000 MW of power generation in 2021.
Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, has agreed to promote 15 power generation projects. These projects were proposed by the Bangladesh Ministry of power, energy and mineral resources last September. The proposed power generation projects are a part of plan to generate 24000 MW of electricity in 2021 and to generate 40000 MW in 2030. 30 billion dollar will be needed for this plan. In this regard, the authorities recognized in internal communications that, "It is important to find new source of investment in the power sector, due to the lack of existing overseas financing in power field."
These projects cover almost all of the whole process from power generation to distribution. And the preferential loans policy to participate in these projects is also being discussed.
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