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Burma suffer from power shortage and eager for more electric power

Recently, the ADB(Asian Development Bank) released the result of the Burma electricity consumption survey, which is that Burma have a demand for electricity about 4 million kW in 2020. However, with such obvious increase, Burma still faces a large power gap. At present, there are 2/3 families lack of electric in Burma.
Burma official data show that, the indincators are basically doubled compared with 2010, like the annual average electricity consumption per capita, the electricity investment, the total amount of the total installed capacity of electricity and the national total electricity consumption. However, this only make 30% of the Burma families can use electricity. In order to achieve the goal of electric full coverage, Burma set a plan that electric increase 13% per year and  the total installed capacity reach 23.594 million kW in 2030. This is expected to cost around $12-17 a year.
The strong need in electric power make the cooperation between Myanmar government and relevant international agencies and foreign companies. This will be a huge market undoubtedly.
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