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Introduction to the characteristics of bare wires

Bare wires and bare conductor products refer to conductive wires without insulation and sheath, which mainly include three series of products: bare single wire, bare stranded wire and profiled wire. Copper and aluminum single wire: including soft copper single wire, hard copper single wire, soft aluminum single wire, hard aluminum single wire. It is mainly used as semi-products of various wires and cables, and a small amount is used in the manufacture of communication wires and electrical appliances.

Bare stranded wire: including hard copper stranded wire (TJ), hard aluminum stranded wire (LJ), aluminum alloy stranded wire (LHAJ), steel core aluminum stranded wire (LGJ), mainly used for overhead laying. Soft copper stranded wire (TJR) and soft aluminum stranded wire (LJR) are mainly used for the connection of electrical equipment and electronic appliances or components. The specifications of the various strands above range from 1.0 to 300 mm2. Among them, the size of the steel core aluminum stranded wire (LGJ) is expressed by the nominal aluminum cross section/nominal steel cross section. It is the most commonly used wire on distribution lines. The larger the steel core cross section, the higher the strength of the wire, except In addition to ordinary steel core aluminum stranded wire, there are also steel core aluminum alloy stranded wire, aluminum clad steel core aluminum stranded wire, anti-corrosion steel core aluminum stranded wire, expanded steel core aluminum stranded wire, double-capacity wire, gap type wire, etc.

There are two commonly used: steel core aluminum stranded wire JL/G1A (formerly model LGJ) implements the standard GB/T1179-2008, and aluminum stranded wire JL (formerly model LJ) implements the standard GB/T1179-2008. Specifications are: 10/2, 16/3, 25/4, 35/6, ​​50/8, 70/10, 70/40, 95/15, 95/20, 95/55, 120/7, 120/20 , 120/25, 120/70, 150/8, 150/20, 150/25, 150/35, 185/10, 185/25, 185/30, 185/45, 240/30, 240/40, 240 /55~800/100 etc.

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