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THHN wire is an excellent choice for controlling outdoor factors

THHN wire has grown in popularity since it is a cost effective alternative compared to other types of building wire, for indoor and outdoor applications where longevity is valued.

THHN Wire meaning is abbreviation for Thermoplastic High Heat-Resistant Nylon coated wire and is classified under the hook-up wire. This type of wire is used in almost every residential and commercial structure. THHN Wire can come in standard or solid conductors depending on the size. It is made up of aluminum and copper and has a cover of PVC insulation. Many manufacturers also apply it with a layer of nylon jacket to survive in hotter and colder locations. This wire is used in building structures and also used in the control circuit wiring, ma - chine tools and some other appliances. THHN wire can’t be used in all electrical devices because of the smoke it causes when burnt and this smoke can overheat the equipment and can be harmful.
THHN building wire has several main distinctions compared to other building wire products.   THHN uses a thinner PVC insulation which is a key factor in terms of its electrical properties. This thinner insulation can often lead to a current leakage and even a break down during chemical or environmental exposure. THHN with a rated 90 degrees Celsius in dry locations or 75 degrees Celsius in wet applications with a THWN rating.

How to Use THHN Wire Use THHN wire when you are putting electrical circuits into your home. THHN wire is not particularly flexible; meaning that you can feed it through conduit without it bending and getting stuck inside. The conduit gives the wire extra protection. Use THHN/THWN wire for outdoor purposes; THWN is the same as THNN, but it is also water resistant. When we produce this wire we make a dual purpose wire that is clearly labeled on the outer coating.

TANO CABLE which is a professional wire and cable manufacturer with more than 26 years ,We can provid many different size for THHN wire. Welcome you to contact with us to get the structure of THHN wire and the offers. As You may know that the conductors are different in material and composition, even if the cross-sectional area is the same, which will cause their prices are different. If you have any interested, Please feel free to send your inquiries. We would be happy to be here to support you the best price.
We respond quickly to any questions, inquiries, needs and feedback. If you have business needs or questions about our products, feel free to contact us.
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