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ABC Cable for overhead line application


Aerial Bundle Cables, usually observed as Aerial Bundled Conductors or just ABC cable, are cables for overhead line power, thus drawn up combining multiple single core cables together. With applications together with temporary power distribution to street lighting and secondary pole-to-pole service cables, they're light-weight stranded Al conductors, each single core and multi-cores. while Aerial Bundle Cables are employed in rural power distribution in some countries, they are a lot of unremarkably used in temporary power installations resembling on construction sites. As insulated cables they are often most popular to reveal conductors that are put in and separated by air gaps however where sparks and shorts within the event of high winds could cause ensuing bushfires in dry climates or risk near  property. The XLPE insulation material, and wherever relevant the overlayer material, permits the alphabet to be tightly bundled along extra steel wire supports the same as those in ACSR may be incorporated as curved shape wires .




Our Low Voltage ABC are factory-made in accordance with a spread of national normals - British standard BS7870, French standard NF C33 209, Australasian standard AS/NZS 3560 half 1, and IEC standards IEC 60502-1, TNB Specification, and HD 626 S1. they need a voltage rating of 0.6/1kV. With the insulation it additionally meets category II in keeping with IEC 61140 in protective against electrical shock. Aerial Bundle Cables have an in operation temperature vary of -40oC to +80oC and may be put in in temperatures as low as -20oC. These alphabet are unscreened and while not a further outer sheath.


The LV ABC cable have both phase conductors and a neutral conductor - both category two stranded Al - with core identification being provided by ribs on the insulation: Phases by longitudinal ribs (I, II, III), Neutral core by longitudinal ribs (fifty mm2 min.12 ribs; 50 mm2 min.16 ribs).




We have a tendency to additionally provide Medium Voltage Aerial Bundle Cables, in voltages of 6.35/11kV,  12.7/22kV and 19/33kV. factory-made in accordance with IEC 60502-2, we even have variants created specifically to Australian and New Zealand standards AS/NZS 3599 half 1. additionally to the XLPE insulation, these higher voltage cables are podlike with High Density synthetic resin (HDPE). they're on the market with and while not extra screening, in light-weight and serious duty copper wire or tape, reckoning on the installation parameters and requirements.


The employment of insulated wire rather than blank wire is technical progress. live to comprehend the insulation of distribution wires, which might higher improve the reliability, stability, and safety of the facility provide. the upkeep and management improve power supply enterpriseseconomic benefits. alphabet cable has better performance than overhead wires, and therefore the value isn't too high. in keeping with native conditions, in some areas, the use of abc wire continues to be terribly useful within the rural grid.




Decisive the quality of Aerial Bundle Cables for your overhead line application and therefore the related  cable size calculation is supported by our technical team. they're going to think about the application, the installation environment, and the laws of the project country, and can guide your call to specify Aerial bundle cables or alternative OHL product in conjunction with accompanying cable accessories.


We respond quickly to any questions, inquiries, needs and feedback. If you have business needs or questions about our products, feel free to contact us.
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