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7 kinds advantages of aluminum alloy cables

advantages of aluminum alloy cables

1.Conductive properties:
The electrical conductivity of aluminum alloy is superior to the pure aluminum.

2. Creep resistance: The alloy material and annealing treatment of aluminum alloy conductors reduce the "creep" tendency of the conductor under heat and pressure. Compared with pure aluminum, the creep resistance is improved by 300%.

3, Tensile strength and elongation: aluminum alloy conductor compared to pure aluminum conductor, greatly improved the tensile strength, and the elongation increased to 30%, It is safer and more reliable to use.

4. Thermal expansion coefficient: The thermal expansion coefficient is used to calculate the dimensional change of the material when the temperature changes. Aluminum alloys have a thermal expansion coefficient comparable to that of copper. Aluminum connectors have been used reliably for copper and aluminum conductors for many years, and most of the electrical connectors used today are made of aluminum. Therefore, the aluminum alloy conductor is completely identical to the expansion and contraction of the connector.

5. Strong self-weight bearing capacity: The aluminum alloy improves the tensile strength of pure aluminum. The aluminum alloy cable can support the self-weight of 4000 meters in length, and the copper cable can only support 2750 meters. This advantage is particularly evident when wiring large-span buildings.

6. Anti-corrosion properties: The inherent corrosion resistance of aluminum comes from the formation of a thin and strong oxide layer when the aluminum surface is in contact with air. This oxide layer is particularly resistant to various forms of corrosion.

7. Flexibility: The aluminum alloy has good bending properties.

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