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Frequently Asked Questions from TANO CABLE

Six tips for buying best quality RF coaxial cable
1. Observe the Roundness of the Insulating medium of RF Coaxial Cable
Standard RF Coaxial Cable cross-section is rounded, the cable outer shield, aluminum foil affixed to the outer surface of the insulating medium, the outer surface of the medium, the more rounded, the smaller the gap between the aluminum foil and its appearance, the more rounded the gap becomes. Practice has proved that the smaller the gap, the better the performance of cable. in addition, a large air gap easily penetrated the shield and affect the service life of the cable.

2. Check RF Coaxial Cable Insulation Medium Consistency
RE Coaxial cable insulation diameter fluctuations mainly affect media echo coefficients cable. this check can cross a section of cable insulation medium, double-check with a micrometer outer diameter of the points, to see whether it is consistent.
3. Detect the RF Coaxial Cable Braid
RF Coaxial Cable braid shielding performance of the coaxial cable plays an important role in the centralized power supply and cable television lines or power return line, so the coaxial cable quality testing must be flat braid is tight look, by coaxial outer sheath cut, cut short coaxial cable braid, braid on the identification number, if consistent with the given values of the indicators for qualified, less than the target value given for the failure. In addition to single braided cable measured with a micrometer screw, at the same price, the thicker the diameter, the better the quality.

4. Check the Quality of Aluminum Foil of RF Coaxial Cable
Shielded RF Coaxial Cable plays an important role in the aluminum foil, which has an important role in preventing open external signal interference with the cable signal leakage connection, coaxial cable and therefore new entrants should check the quality of the aluminum foil. First, cut open the sheathing layer, and observe weather the wire braid layer of aluminum foil to maintain a good surface gloss; second is to tale a length of cable , tightly wound in small metal shaft short cross-sectional drawing of aluminum foil and rub repeatedly in the hands, yet after repeated rubbing and stretching breakage, has a certain toughness
qualified otherwise defective.

5. Check the Outer Sheath of Extruded Tightness of RF Coaxial Cable
High-quality RF Coaxial Cable outer sheath are very tight package, which can narrow the gap between the inner shield to prevent air into the cause oxidation, preventing relative sliding shield layer causes the electrical properties of drift, but crowded pack too tight will cause inconvenience stripping head increase the difficulty of construction Check method is to take 1m long cable at the stripped end of the sheath, in order to force can not pull the thread core is suitable.

6. Observe the Cable into a Circle Shape
Cable knitting is not just a cosmetic problem, but also quality problems, Looped flat cable, each cable remains on the same concentric plane into between the cable and the cable between the cable and the cable parallel to the overall arc in contact with each other to reduce the cable by force, not easily deformed stacked injury, so the quality of cable and acceptance when this can not be taken lightly.
What Protection Materials Used by meralco to High Tension Cable (Wire)?
Protection material of high tension wire which greater than 11kV is XLPE insulation, and outer sheath such as plastic, rubber, steel wire armor(SWA), steel tape armor(STA), aluminum wire armor(AWA), aluminium tape armor(ATA), chain armor, aluminum wrinkles sheath etc.
How to see H07RN-F Cable Size?
You can get H07RN-F cable size by checking the printing word on cable or measuring the single wire of the conductor.
What Industry Uses Flexible Wires and Cables
Flexible wires and cables are widely used in factory machinery mining machinery and mobile equipment and so on.
What industry uses control cable?
Control cables are used in factory equipment, power plants, switch gear, and where there is control equipment.
What happen to the Electric wire when bent?
If conventional cable bend radius is less than the minimum radius the cable insulation can't reach standard thickness because of convex curvature of cable end excessive bending, thus affecting the insulation effect, lead to cable breakdown, or even cause a fire or other accidents.
If the electric wire is armored cable, the problem is more serious, because bending over with armor will pierce the outer sheath and inner insulation, leading to accidents.
When you install the bridge, the bridge should be done to meet the bending radius. Do not install 90 degree; you can use two 45-degree angle cut to meet the 90 elbow.