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Why the price of low-voltage cables is so different? The reason is here


Why the price of low-voltage cables is so different? The reason is here


When purchasing low-voltage cables, we often have such confusion. Why are the prices of low-voltage cables of the same specification and model so different? In fact, this is the result of multiple factors, such as raw material costs, performance, technical, and so on. Today, TANO cable will analyze in detail the reasons for the big difference in low-voltage cable prices.

Copper cost

The copper cost of low-voltage cables accounts for 70% of the total cost. The fluctuation of copper price will directly affect the price of low-voltage cables. The fluctuation of copper price is mainly affected by the market supply and demand relationship. It can be said that the price of copper is different every day, and the price you inquire today may be different tomorrow. A price, so experienced purchasers will first understand the price of copper before making an inquiry. The second is the copper content. The national standard cable generally uses oxygen-free copper, and the pseudo-national standard uses scrap copper. Therefore, distinguishing national standard and non-national standard cables is a skill that must be mastered for qualified purchases.

Cost of auxiliary

In addition to the cost of copper, the cost of auxiliary materials also accounts for 20% of the cost of the cable. In recent years, the country has increased its efforts to review the national standard cable resistance, and there are fewer opportunities to do on copper. Some black-hearted manufacturers have begun to work hard on auxiliary materials, and 20% of the cost of auxiliary materials has been illegally reduced to 15% of the cost. , 5% of the profit came out. With this kind of low-voltage cable, the insulation layer is aging and cracking, and the risk of leakage and short circuit will follow.

Cut corners

Short meters of cables are not a rare case in the market. A few days ago, i saw such a news. A person in charge of power engineering found that the loss of cables in this phase of the project was much higher than before. After investigation, it was found that the original 100 meters The cable turned out to be only 93 meters long. The reporter went to the market to investigate and found that there were many cases. The 100-meter cable is 7 meters short, and the 7% price difference comes out, so it is necessary to choose a reliable manufacturer to purchase the cable.


The reasons for the different prices of low-voltage cables include performance. When purchasing cables, everyone will pay attention to the quality and environmental performance of low-voltage cables. Therefore, some manufacturers will add some performance advantages to low-voltage cables through technical means. Take flame-retardant low-voltage cables for example, some high resistance The low-voltage cable burns slowly when it encounters an open flame. It will self-extinguish when it burns. It will not release toxic gas during combustion. It is safe and environmentally friendly. The price of such a high-performance low-voltage cable must be higher.

Technical means

Finally, there are technical means. Some manufacturers with advanced technical means can use technology to reduce the cost of low-voltage cables. This low-voltage cable is qualified in quality and relatively low in price. It is the first choice of purchasers. Therefore, when purchasing, choose strong technical strength. Manufacturers can purchase cost-effective low-voltage cables.

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