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What is the difference between H07RN-F rubber wire and ordinary wire

The difference between H07RN-F rubber wire and ordinary wire

1. Different materials

Although wires are all media used to carry electric current. Available in various forms such as solid, stranded or foil braided. According to the insulation state, there are two types of insulation for H07RN-F rubber wires. One is polyvinyl chloride or PVC. The other type is rubber, which has the characteristics of stretchability, oil resistance and temperature resistance. PVC polyvinyl chloride will not have flexibility. Additionally, a protective coating can be added. In the eyes of consumers, the difference between cables and wires lies in the size of the wires. Although the structure is relatively simple, sometimes H07RN-F rubber wires also belong to wires in a broad sense.
H07RN-F rubber wire 1

2. Structural differences

The main difference between H07RN-F rubber wire and ordinary wire is that the cable specification is larger and the structure is more complicated. The cable is mainly composed of the following 4 parts. Conductive Core: Made of highly conductive material. Insulation layer: Insulation materials used in many cables have high insulation resistance and high breakdown electric field strength. Cables are usually classified by insulation material.

3. The difference in use

A bare wire is a wire that does not include any insulation or protection. In addition to being used to transmit electrical energy, it can also be used to manufacture component connection wires for various motors. Copper, aluminum, copper alloys, and aluminum alloys are generally used. Distribute electrical energy or transmit electrical signals. Cables can be divided into power cables, communication cables and control cables according to their uses. In addition, H07RN-F rubber wires naturally have different uses.
H07RN-F rubber wire 2

Application of H07RN-F rubber wire

H07RN-F rubber wire is generally widely used for electrical connection of industrial equipment, and is also suitable for heavy equipment such as: engines, large tools, motors, agricultural machinery, wind power generation or construction equipment, etc., can withstand strong mechanical stress, and is used for drying Or wet indoor, also can be used in the open air or humid industrial environment, or used as fan anti-torsion connection; H07RN-F rubber wire can also be installed on the plaster, temporary buildings and residential camps, and is also suitable for For direct laying in machines, such as elevators and cranes, wind power towers, etc., they can be used for protection and fixed installation in pipelines and equipment, and can also be used for connecting cables such as motors.
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