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What are the functions of the cable braiding

The cable is mainly composed of three basic structures: conductor, insulation layer, and sheath layer. The sheath or outer sheath of a cable refers to the protective covering layer on the insulated core or cable core. Braiding is generally one of the multiple sheaths or outer sheaths of wires and cables. But for different woven materials, the role of the woven layer is different. There are mainly two kinds of metal braiding layers: copper cable braiding and steel cable braiding.

1. steel cable braiding
The main functions are mechanical protection, bearing longitudinal tensile force and magnetic shielding.

2. Copper cable braiding
The main functions are: (1) Prevent electromagnetic interference and shield signals: such as boundary line signal cables braided with tinned copper wires, and control cables braided with copper wires. (2) Eliminate the shielding effect of the surface potential of power cables, such as the general shielding of high-voltage cables. (3) The role of safety protection: the copper wire is braided outside the main core insulation and is in good contact with the ground core or used as a ground wire, which can respond to the leakage situation in time, such as shielded mining cables. (4) Prevent rodents such as mice from biting, and protect the cable.

3. Fiber cable braiding
The main function is to protect the insulation from all kinds of light, heat, low temperature, acid-base gas, and other corrosion and external mechanical force damage, to ensure the safe operation of the cable. The fiber woven layer is often in the middle of the protective layer, which can enhance the tear resistance of the protective layer. For example, the reinforced protective layer is to add cotton yarn, hemp, and other fiber is woven layers in the middle of the rubber or plastic protective layer.
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