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The UAE's power output may help Yemen's power crisis

The UAE(United Arab Emirates) has announced that it will use a series of measures to export electricity to some provinces of Yemen as help against its electricity crisis. This news has been affirmed by a Yemen personnel. " We are planning to cooperate, including building new power plant and updating existing power grid system, etc. These are helpful to ease the power crisis in Yemen."
According to reports, the UAE has promised new gas-fired power plants and diesel power stations in several provinces, such as Aden, lahij, Abyan and D''hara. At the same time, the UAE will build a new 132000 volt high-voltage transmission line connecting the two countries, to provide 140 megawatts of electricity for some provinces in the east. In addition, the UAE will provide the relevant international advisory services.
Once these measures are implemented by the end of 2016, the UAE will begin to transfer power to Yemen, which will promote local social and economic development.
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