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The current situation and strategic development directions of Chinese cable enterprises in 2015

In early September, "2015 China wire and cable industry conference" and "2015 China International Wire and cable industry exhibition" were held in Shanghai. During the meeting, the industry experts analysis of the cable industry's strategic development direction with the industry chain layout of cable listing Corporation.
At present, China's cable companies pay attention to the following five aspects in the layout of the industry:
  1. Exploring and trying new cable materials;
  2. R&D and production of special cables;
  3. Opening the electronic commerce sales channel with the boom of the Internet plus; 
  4. Paying attention to after-sales work, transforming to be service enterprises; 
  5. Extending product depth, providing cable supporting equipment.
According to the above situation, the experts put forward four strategic development direction, respectively are: take root in the technology, especially the special cable, to seize the commanding heights of technology; take root in the market, to meet customer demand, to become a system solution service provider; combine the technology and market, to develop their own unique service with the core technology. diversify the development, based on the core industry of cable manufacturing, supply chain financial services such as financing lease, commercial factoring, even the field of new energy and Internet.
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