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TGN-IA Submarine Cable System Malfunction in Singapore-Vietnam Section

According to Vietnamese media reports, the Tata TGN-Intra Asia (TGN-IA) submarine cable system connecting Vietnam and Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines has suffered a breakdown, causing some users to be affected.

According to Viettel, the damage occurred in several places on the coast of Singapore. The cable is currently being repaired, but it does not indicate when the system will resume full operation.

The TGN-IA system is a private Asian submarine cable system built and operated by Tata Communications, connecting Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Vietnam and Guam with a design capacity of 3.84 Tbit / s. The route has been carefully designed to avoid areas that are vulnerable to earthquakes and other hazardous areas, such as southern and eastern coastal areas of Taiwan.

The 6,800-kilometer submarine cable was officially launched in November 2009, but has suffered many failures since its commissioning.
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