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Cable tips, 3 ways to prevent water from entering the cable

We all know that water in the cable is a very serious problem. Sometimes you think that you have done a good waterproof measure, but the cable is still getting water. So how does the cable enter the water? Let me introduce the reasons and countermeasures for the cable entry.

1. When storing: the newly purchased power cable is sealed with plastic sealing sleeves at both ends, but after a period of use, the rest is wrapped in plastic paper, and the outside is tied with a rope. The tightness is not good. Water vapor will seep into the cable.

2. During cable laying: the cable head wrapped in plastic paper is sometimes immersed in water to allow water to enter the cable; when towing and threading, sometimes the outer sheath is broken.

3. After laying: The cable head is not made in time, so that the unsealed cable port is exposed to the air for a long time, or even immersed in water, so that a large amount of water vapor enters the cable.

At present, as far as we know, there is no remedy, only prevention. Here are a few small suggestions and methods to prevent and reduce cable water ingress:

1. The cable head should be sealed to the sawed cable end. Whether it is stacked or laid, a special sealing sleeve for the cable should be used to prevent moisture infiltration.

2. Make the cable head in time after laying the wires. Strengthen the management of the cable head manufacturing process. Once the cable enters water, the cable head is the first to break down. Therefore, the cable head can be made well to extend the overall life of the cable.
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