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YJV Cables in Power Transmission

YJV cables have become a popular choice for power transmission due to their advantages and their ability to efficiently transmit electricity. 

The full name of YJV cable is XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable, in which YJ represents XLPE insulation, and V represents PVC sheath, which is generally used as the laying of backbone cables.

The most commonly used voltages for YJV cables are 0.6/1kV and 8.7/15kV. The copper core of the cable conductor also has different specifications, such as single core, two cores, three cores, four cores, five cores, 3+1 cores, 3+2 cores, 4+1 cores, etc.

YJV Cable Parameters

YJV cables are an important tool for the transmission of electricity, and there is an increasing demand for their use in power transmission. 

YJV cables are made up of three main components: the outer sheath, the inner conductor, and the insulation material. The outer sheath acts as a protective covering and provides strength to the cable. The inner conductor is the actual wire that carries electrical current, and the insulation material separates the conductor from the sheath.

YJV cables are designed to be flexible and to accommodate high temperatures. This allows the cables to be used in a wide range of applications, including long-distance power transmission and underground power transmission.

YJV cables are also designed to minimize resistance. This means that the electrical current is able to flow through the cables with greater efficiency and less energy is wasted. The cables also have a greater capacity to carry a higher voltage and current, allowing them to transmit electricity over longer distances.

YJV Cable Advantages

1. The identification mark of the insulated wire core is distinguished by color separation tape or numbers or colors.

2. The multi-core cable adopts the compact fan-shaped design, with stable structure, light weight and small outer diameter.

3. It has excellent electrical properties and high breakdown electric field strength.

4. The dielectric loss tangent value tanδ is small and the insulation resistance is high.

5. It has high heat resistance and aging resistance, allowing high operating temperature and large current carrying capacity.

6. The cable can withstand large mechanical external force and easy to install and maintain.


YJV cables are a specialized type of power cable that have a range of applications in power transmission. Their unique design and construction allows them to be useful in transmitting electricity over long distances with minimal energy loss. This makes them an attractive choice for power transmission applications.
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