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Tips for choosing high-quality wires and cables

Wires and cables are called the capillaries and nervous systems of the social economy. They are indispensable for power engineering, railway lines, transportation, communications, engineering and construction, and home decoration. However, in the whole process of long-term application, the wire and cable will suffer from the harm of many factors, which will cause the embrittlement of the raw materials, which will reduce the performance of the product.

Therefore, when selecting wires and cables, choose high-quality cables as much as possible. The full performance of high-quality wires and cables is undoubtedly stronger, and it can also be used for a longer period of time. So how should people choose high-quality wires and cables? ?

No 1. Check the "CCC" verification mark

Wire and cable products are national mandatory safety verification products. All manufacturing enterprises must obtain the "CCC" verification verified by the my country Welder Product Verification Federation, and bring them on the certificate of conformity or the product.

No 2. Look at the test report
test report

As a product that endangers personal safety and financial safety, wire and cable has always been listed as the top priority of government supervision and management, and reliable manufacturers are inspected by supervision units according to the cycle time. Therefore, the supplier should be able to show the test report of the quality inspection unit, otherwise, the quality of the wire and cable products will be unfounded.

No 3. Look at the packaging

Any reliable company that manufactures products that meet national standards pays close attention to product packaging when producing wires and cables. When purchasing, pay attention to the exquisite packaging, the packaging and printing should be clear, and the specifications, model, company name, and production place are complete.

No 4. Look at the surface

The appearance of high-quality wire and cable products conforms to the specifications, with smooth, shiny and well-proportioned colors. The appearance of fake and shoddy products is not smooth and dull. For the flexible cable with eraser insulation layer, it is stipulated that the appearance is shiny, and the grommet, insulation layer and conductor are inseparable and difficult to separate. Fake and shoddy products are not smooth in appearance, large in oval shape, and low in grommet, which can be torn off with force.

No 5. Measure the length

Don't be cheap when buying, buy wires and cables whose specific meters are less than their tolerance meters. The length must match the tolerance in meters. The state stipulates that the allowable deviation of every 100 meters is ±0.5 meters. For example, Tano Cable has multiple online and offline channels for sales. Tano Cable are not short in size, and products are packaged in export packaging. Product inspection report is issued for each shipment. Welcome your inquire! Welcome your visit!
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