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What is ACSR Conductor

What is ACSR Conductor

ACSR (Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced) is a stronger strand conductor.  It is mostly used for overhead transmission lines. The design of the ACSR looks something like this in that the outside of the conductor can be made of pure aluminum material while the inside of the conductor is made of steel material.

Steel has more strength compared to aluminum. The steel core mainly plays the role of improving the strength, and the aluminum stranded mainly plays the role of transmitting electric energy. The structure of ACSR is made by stranded multiple layers. From the inside to the outside, the steel core and pure aluminum stranded, and the aluminum stranded are tightly around together on the outside of the steel core. Adjacent stranded layers have opposite helical directions. 

Depending on the type of ACSR conductor, the diameters of steel and aluminum can be changed. ACSR conductors are available in a variety of sizes.  including single or multiple center steel wires.

Electrical properties of ACSR

The steel-cored aluminum stranded wire has low resistance loss, energy saving and environmental protection. By reducing the DC resistance of the conductor, improving the conductivity of the conductor, and reducing the loss of transmission, energy saving is achieved.

Mechanical properties of ACSR

The sag characteristics of the line, compared with the common one, the sag of different wires is different, the sag of the steel cored aluminum stranded wire is slightly smaller at the span of 500 meters, which basically has no effect on the alignment of the tower.

The installation and construction are convenient, and the installation and construction are the same as traditional wires.

The rated tensile force of the steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is the same as that of ordinary wires, and has no effect on the load of the cable tower. Therefore, when the steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is used, a general-purpose tower can be used to avoid repeated design, reduce the project cost, and increase the cost of line construction. standardization.

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