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How to purchasing steel core aluminum stranded wire


The overhead of the transmission line facilitates our lives, and the steel core aluminum stranded wire is a necessary product. From the name, we can see the structure of this aluminum stranded wire. The first thing we need is the aluminum wire as the basic part. Secondly, steel wire is needed. The two are combined by twisting technology. It has a high sales volume in the society. Many departments will use it. Generally, companies that produce cables will produce this product. Quality is an issue that cannot be ignored. When choosing, we should pay attention to the following points.

Everyone knows that if there is a problem with power transmission, it will have a huge impact on us. Therefore, the choice of steel core aluminum stranded wire is very important. Only high-quality stranded wire can ensure the stability of power transmission from the source. However, ASTM 477 MCM ACSR Cable manufacturer on the market There are many. Everyone needs to be screened when buying. 

Tano Cable is a cable manufacturer, our ASTM 477 MCM ACSR Cable is having competitive price and good quality.

At the same time, we should also understand the material composition of the strands, such as the characteristics of steel and aluminum, so that we can compare them through cross-sections.

Generally, when determining the price, it needs to be considered together with the quality issue. If only price consideration, it is very imperfect. If you choose a stranded wire of unqualified quality, the later maintenance work will also cost a lot of money. We need to understand the knowledge of the stranded wire and then screened it. Be sure to investigate more from the market.

Transmission lines or power lines, due to year-round operation, require comprehensive consideration of investment and operating economy, so you need to choose cables or bare wires based on economic current density The specifications and models.

From the user’s distribution transformer to the user’s electrical equipment, the wires used are generally not in continuous operation for a long time, and the number is small, so you can choose according to the maximum current. Regarding economic current density: Because the size of the wire cross section affects the line investment and the power loss in operation, on the one hand, in order to save investment, the wire cross section is required to be smaller; on the other hand, in order to reduce the power loss, the wire cross section is required to be larger. Comprehensive consideration, determine a more reasonable wire cross-section, called the economic cross-sectional area, and its corresponding current density is called the economic current density.
It can be understood in this way that economic current density means that the power loss, maintenance cost, and construction investment are the most economical in the operation of the transmission line.  
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