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Copper clad steel strand application range

Copper-clad steel stranded wire stranded by a certain number of copper-clad steel single wire, widely used in high-frequency coaxial cable, steel complex communication, electrified railroad, subway light rail, railroads, airports, network communications and other places of lightning grounding, anti-static grounding, protective grounding, grounding wire for power and petrochemical systems.

Copper clad steel strand application range
Application areas
Military covered wire conductors; power industry grounding rods; braided shield wire for power cables; connectors for various electronic components; reinforced conductive wire cores for special cables; overhead lines for power transmission and telephone lines; conductors for parallel two-core telephone subscriber communication lines; load-bearing ropes and slip wires for electrified railroads and rail transit lines; inner conductor materials for coaxial cables for cable TV subscriber lines and entry lines; computer Local area network, access network cable, field cable inner conductor material.

Application scope

Copper-clad stranded wire is widely used in high-frequency coaxial cable, steel-loop communication, electrified railroad, subway light rail, railroad, airport, network communication and other places of lightning protection grounding, anti-static grounding, protective grounding, grounding wire of electric power and petrochemical systems. Compared with copper stranded wire has the advantages of small density, high strength, low cost, etc., is the traditional pure copper stranded wire is a newer product.

Identify copper-clad stranded wire, to understand its internal structure due to the outside cladding copper layer, it is difficult to identify the quality only by the naked eye, but you can use special testing equipment to detect the conductivity, and copper layer thickness.

Pprevent electromagnetic induction, along the pole leading up to the camera power and signal lines should be worn in the metal tube to achieve the shielding effect, shielding metal tube should be grounded at both ends. To prevent lightning waves along the line into the front-end equipment, should be installed in front of the equipment on each line with a suitable lightning arrester, such as power lines (DC24V or 220V), video lines, signal lines and PTZ control line. The signal line transmission distance is long, the voltage level is low, it is easy to induce lightning current and damage the equipment, in order to conduct the lightning current from the signal transmission line to the ground, the signal overvoltage protector shall respond quickly, when designing the protection of the signal transmission line, the actual situation must be considered, according to the signal transmission rate, signal level, starting voltage and lightning flux parameters such as the selection of the correct lightning protection equipment.

Front-end equipment such as cameras should be placed in the flash catcher (lightning rod or other flash conductor) within the effective protection. When the camera is set up independently, in principle, in order to prevent lightning rod and lead line on the transient high potential, lightning rod is best from the camera 3-4 m distance. If there are difficulties lightning rod can also be erected on the camera's support pole, the lead line can be directly used metal rod itself or choose Φ 8 galvanized round steel.
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