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Which is better copper cores and aluminum cores

When it comes to wire and cable manufacturing, we have to mention copper and aluminum among its main materials. So the question arises, what is the difference between copper core and aluminum core wire and cable? Which is better? Let's find out ~.
which is better copper cores and aluminum cores

There are several ways to distinguish between copper and aluminum cores
First, from the model of the wire, the letters in the model mean the following: B - fixed laying; X - rubber insulation; L - aluminum core (copper core is not expressed in letters); W - neoprene sheath; Y - polyethylene sheath. For example: bxw-copper core rubber insulated neoprene sheathed wire; Blxw-aluminum core rubber insulated neoprene sheathed wire.
Second, the material of the core to distinguish. The core of copper wire is made of copper, while the core of aluminum wire is made of aluminum. Because copper is golden yellow, aluminum is white. You can directly peel off a small section of the core, look at the color to distinguish between copper and aluminum cores.
Note that: Now many aluminum-core wire will be coated with a layer of yellow material on the surface of the core, commonly known as copper-clad aluminum wire, which also looks yellow. The difference is as follows: one is to scrape off the surface, the copper core wire or yellow, aluminum core wire will show white; second is to burn with a lighter. The flame of the copper core wire is blue, while the flame of the aluminum core wire is white.

The difference between aluminum and copper wire
1. The cutting ability of copper wire is different from that of aluminum wire.
2. Aluminum wire is relatively cheaper.
3. The weight of aluminum wire is lighter.
4. the mechanical strength of aluminum wire is less. 5.
5. aluminum wire is easily oxidized at the end of the connection line, and the temperature will increase after oxidation
6. the internal resistance of copper wire is small. Aluminum wire has a greater internal resistance than copper wire, but it dissipates heat faster than copper wire. This is mainly due to the different current-carrying capacity and mechanical strength. So the current-carrying capacity of aluminum is about 80% of copper. The mechanical strength of copper, on the other hand, is much better.

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of copper cable and aluminum cable
The resistivity of the copper core is low: the resistivity of the aluminum core is about 1.68 times that of the copper core.
Copper core has good ductility.
High strength of copper core.
Fatigue resistance of copper core: aluminum is easy to break after repeated bending, while copper is not easy to break.
Copper core has good stability and corrosion resistance.
Although aluminum core is cheaper, but besides being cheaper, the advantages of copper core are more obvious, especially for cable products, we should be more cautious.

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