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Why should you choose insulated wires?


1 Why Should You Choose Insulated Wires?

Spending money on a product that doesn’t last long is not a wise decision. One such neglected yet important decision is that of using the right kind of wires and cables. Choosing a wrong kind of wire may hinder the working of the circuit, cause wastage of time for making repairs, or may even damage your circuit or equipment! This is why you need to choose your wires and cables very carefully. The best choice here is insulated wires. The insulation on the wires can keep your cables performing at optimum levels by preventing corrosion and other adverse effects that lead to failure. Wire failure can be caused by a number of factors depending upon the type of application and surrounding environment.

Why Should You Choose Insulated Wires


One of the most important factors is the chemicals that the wires encounter. In many household appliances and underground cable applications, harmful chemicals are present. In such applications, you need insulated wires that are extremely resistant to chemicals and gases that can lead to corrosion. You must also look for cables that can be used in damp and moist environments.

Weather and environmental conditions

The weather in which the wires are used, and their surrounding environment play a very important role in corrosion of the wires. Insulated wires that are made specially to perform in both high temperatures and colder temperatures are the best choice. One such material is cross-linked polyethylene.


Another reason for cable failure could be the pressure that the cables come across. Especially in underground applications, the amount of pressure that the wires face is incredible. And, in order to elongate the life of your cables and maintain maximum performance in such situations, you need to ensure that the wires you use don’t surrender to being crushed, and have great resistance to crushing and pressure. This is where insulated wires are preferred, especially where the insulation is a high molecular weight polyethylene material. Also, in conditions where the cable is going to be bent frequently, you need to make sure that the wire is insulated such that it gives the cable the freedom of motion it requires. If this flexibility is not provided, the wire won’t be able to last long.

There is also another good reason that insulated wires can help. When you have equipment that has a multitude of wires connected, it becomes difficult to identify or remember the different wires. When you buy insulated wires, you can have different wire types with different colored insulation jackets. This will help you determine and identify the wires easily and quickly, which helps during installing, repairing, and re-installing; meaning lesser time wasted.

2 What are the different colors of electrical wire meaning?

The two major factors that determine what the colors mean include:
various jurisdictions use different colors to indicate Phases, Neutral and Earth/Ground wires. For instance, in the U.S. and Canada, black wires indicate phase, while in other parts of the globe (EU), brown colored wires indicate that application. In most jurisdictions blue electrical wire indicates neutral, while black or silver color is used in others.

These color codes apply to flexible wires and cables. There is a different set of color codes used for fixed cable identification.  There is also a similar color-coding standard applied for fixed cable applications, and these too vary from region-to-region, and based on application (Phase. Neutral, Earth/Ground).

the most significant difference in electrical wire colors is in phase wires.These colors might also differ based on single or multi-phase electrical wiring applications. Also, in some countries copper electrical wire may be used for phases, while some others might standardize on brass wires.

So, when you need to make a good investment, you need wires that are insulated, and can withstand chemicals, gases, weather, environmental conditions, and pressure. And, you can also opt for cable harnesses instead of individual cables, not only to keep the cables safer, but to also make your working space neat and organized, and also keep yourself safe against shocks or disasters. You can get the best electrical wire at TANO CABLE, one of the most reliable cable manufacturers in China.
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