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Organization Chart
It is the foundation of our company development, to guarantee that we can be more and more greater.
General Manager
Management Representative
Marketing Dept.
Financial Dept.
Manufacturing Dept.
Quality Dept.
Technical Dept.
Purchasing Dept.
Equipment Dept.
Logistic Dept.
Sales Dept.
Quotation Dept.
Project Management Dept.
Cost Management Dept.
Fund Management Dept.
Conductor Manufacturing Dept.
Power Cable Manufacturing Dept.
Rubber Cable Manufacturing Dept.
Packing and Delivery Dept.
QA Dept.
QC Dept.
Technical Management Dept.
Pre-sales Support Dept.
After-sales Service Dept.
Material Purchasing Dept.
Outsourcing Dept.
Equipment Verification Dept.
Equipment Maintenance Dept.
Admin. Dept.
HR Dept.
Domestic Sales Dept.
International Sales Dept.