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The relationship between RVV cable and flexible cable

Flexible cables, also known as drag chain cables, are the preferred cables for power transmission materials and signal transmission carriers in drag chain motion systems. The cable is required to have a certain degree of water resistance, UV resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile strength, and bending resistance, and is suitable for use in mobile and oily harsh environments.

RVV cable is what we said a sheathed wire. It adopts a multi-core electrical conductor structure and is a flexible cable. The electrical conductor of the RVV cable is twisted with a multi-core copper core wire, which is also called PVC cable sheath or PVC sheath.

Conductor: Although the electrical conductor of the RVV cable is multi-core stranded, the diameter of the electrical conductor is very large, while the flexible cable is generally installed during the moving process, and the single wire diameter of the conductor is required to be small. Therefore, RVV cables are not suitable for use as flexible cables.

Material: RVV cable and TRVV flexible cable are both PVC cable sheath and PVC sheathed cable, but the raw materials of the two are still different. The raw material of the flexible cable is made of multi-strand purity oxygen-free bare copper wire, which is resistant to Tensile strength, abrasion resistance, bending resistance, high fracture toughness, good resilience, and cable insulation thickness and sheath thickness meet international requirements.

Structure: The RVV cable structure is loose, and the flexible cable is indeed the key point tightly around the centerline, and the structure is closely connected.

Applications: Flexible cables can be used for fixed installation and mobile use, RVV cables are only used for fixed installations.

Flexible cables are used to move back and forth in curved sites, and their electrical conductors should use a multi-core electrical conductor structure as much as possible, that is, flexible cables are a kind of flexible cable. However, RVV cables cannot be used as flexible cables because sheath materials, application fields, and the selection of cable sheath materials have important effects on flexible cables.
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