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Supply cables and conductors

Recently we supply the following cables and conductors.

1.AAAC Conductor 630mm2, Standard: ASTM B399/B399M
2.AAAC Conductor 155.4MCM, Standard: ASTM B399/B399M
3.Bare Copper Conductor, 750MCM, standard: ASTM B1
4.Bare Copper Conductor, 500MCM, standard: ASTM B1
5.Bare Copper Conductor, 1000mm2, standard: IEC 60228
6.35kV Power Cable, 1x4/0AWG, Standard: ICEA S-94-649
7.8kV Power Cable, 3x2/0AWG, Standard: ICEA S-94-649
8.0.6/1kV RZ1OZ1-K (AS) Cable, 5x2.5mm2
9.0.6/1kV RZ1OZ1-K (AS) Cable, 12x2.5mm2
10.0.6/1kV RZ1OZ1-K (AS) Cable, 2x4mm2
11.0.6/1kV RZ1OZ1-K (AS) Cable, 4x6mm2
12.0.6/1kV RZ1OZ1-K (AS) Cable, 2x10mm2

We are professional cable manufacturer in China, South America is one of our main market.

Welcome for your new inquiry for our supply scope, we will do our best to support you.

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Supply cables and conductors 03

Supply cables and conductors 04

Supply cables and conductors 05
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