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How to distinguish between single-core wires and multi-stranded wires

There are many differences between single-strand copper wires and multi-strand copper wires in terms of structure, laying conditions, and prices. The following analyzes the differences between single-strand wires and multi-strand wires from six aspects:

1. Appearance

A single-stranded wire is composed of a single thick copper wire, also called a hardwire, and each wire of a multi-stranded wire is composed of multiple thin copper wires, also called a soft wire.

2. Structure

Single-strand wires are generally harder than multi-strand wires, while multi-strand wires are softer and not easy to break the core. They are suitable for applications where the wires follow the movement and are mostly used for control circuits.

3. Laying conditions

Since the single-stranded wire is made of a thick copper wire, it is generally used for fixed laying (such as pipe-through lines, etc.). The single-stranded wire is more convenient than the multi-stranded wire in terms of line joints and equipment wiring. The multi-stranded wire is generally used. Need crimping or welding wire nose, etc.

4. Heat dissipation

The multi-strand wires are composed of multiple thin copper wires. There is a certain gap between copper wires and copper wires, so heat dissipation is better than single-strand wires.

5. Antioxidant properties

The multi-stranded wire is used for a long time, part of the thin copper wire is easy to be oxidized, and the cross-section of the cable is reduced, which is easy to cause safety hazards. The single-stranded wire has stronger oxidation resistance than the multi-stranded wire, and only the surface part will be oxidized. , And the middle place will not be oxidized.

6. Price

Multi-stranded wire is composed of multiple thin copper wires. During production and processing, the process is slightly more complicated, so the price is a little higher than that of single-stranded wire.

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