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How to choose wire and cable correctly

1 Check the "CCC" certification mark. Therefore, wire and cable products are national compulsory safety certification products. All manufacturers must obtain the "CCC" certification certified by the China Electrical Product Certification Committee, obtain the "CCC" certification mark, and have the "CCC" certification mark on the certificate or product

2  Look at the inspection report. Wire and cable, as a product that affects personal and property safety, has always been listed as the focus of government supervision and inspection, and regular manufacturers are inspected by the supervision department on a periodic basis. Therefore, the seller should be able to provide the inspection report of the quality inspection department

3 Pay attention to packaging. The packaging of wire and cable products is the same as other products. All large and medium-sized formal enterprises that produce products that meet the requirements of national standards pay great attention to product packaging for the production of wire and cable. When purchasing, pay attention to the firm packaging, clear printing, complete model specifications, factory name, factory address, etc.

4 Look at the conductor, the conductor is shiny, and the DC resistance, conductor structure size, etc. meet the requirements of national standards. Products that meet the requirements of national standards, whether they are aluminum conductors or copper conductors, are bright, oil-free, have good electrical conductivity, and have high safety

5 Measure the length. The length is the main intuitive method to distinguish products that meet national standards from counterfeit and inferior products. When purchasing, don't be greedy for cheap prices. When purchasing wires and cables with 90m or 80m, or even no length marking, the length must meet the standard requirements of 100±0.5m, that is, 100m is the standard, and the allowable error is 0.5m.

In addition, when choosing a cable, pay attention to whether the rated voltage meets the actual needs, and consider its actual use. Understanding the usage scenarios is of great help in choosing the right cable.
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